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To design and deliver a high-end quality films and sound. To gather outstanding teams of visual and sound artists from all over the world for each project. To bring together nature and technology, heart and mind, human resources and its expression in art. To transmit professionalism, mastery, exuberance and deepness in filming, music video and sound art forms. Aurum.Logik was created in concepts of thought and feeling, in terms of unity of diversity, creation and expression. 



To create diverse cinematic experiences, to merge together film, visual art and sound. To design the idea since the very first stage of the project, find artistic solutions for each creative need. To gather the precise team to execute each project. Cover all the production tasks. Realize post production services such as montage, color and animation. Vitalize the project with atmospheric cinematic film scoring and sound design.  Production of electronic vocal projects. Composition, sound production. Promotion, being a sound label.


Creative Agency

We develop the concept and idea of a brand film. We find the right artistic solutions. We know how to transmit the essence.


Film Production

We gather the exact team for each project. We know the precise formula to reach the wanted artistic alchemy.


Post Production

Montage and color. Brought together to transmit all the sense, feeling and deepness. 


Sound Label

We release custom film scorings. And sound for vocal projects.


“The unified field of filming excellence.”

YUriy makarov  |  Founder

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Founded in 2016 by Yuriy Makarov, who initially experimented with electronic and ambient, merging with voice. There was an idea, inspiration and the necessity to fill visual motion with sound. Later first cinematic film scoring works came out. The idea of the production company appeared out of the excitement to gather teams and collaborate. That is how the first book soundtrack in collaboration with Slovakian sound producer Keosz was released. Further collaboration with Travel Guide by Novel Voyage made the beginning of film production projects for world leading hotels and unique properties. The sound label presented an electronic vocal artist Weil. The company is looking forward for new international projects, becoming a platform for technological and artistic innovation.

Projects for unique hotel chains such as Leading Hotels Of The World, Small Luxury Boutique Hotels followed. With new coming films. 



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